Compassionate Care Maile Thompson

Family is foundational to the values at Adventist Health Castle. Every day our team works tirelessly to bring life, save life, and help those who are ready to say goodbye.

The Thompson family wanted to share their story because they believe the care provided at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Emergency Department and Vera Zilber Birthing Center allowed their family to come full circle and introduce new generations to old. One evening, Maile Thompson found her father in distress and quickly called 911. Time was of the essence. And when Maile and her father arrived at Adventist Health Castle, the team was ready for him. “It was so fast. They wheeled him straight into a room to have a stent placed. They were literally waiting at the door for us.” Dave was immediately treated for a heart attack type nicknamed the “widow maker.” The artery was 99% blocked.

“If he had not come here, he would not be here.” Maile also shared that the ED was very busy that night, but all the nurses and doctors were so kind and extremely empathetic. A nurse even stopped in to get her mom a blanket. Three days later Dave was able to return home safely.

Then in 2021, Maile became pregnant with her first child. Maile desperately wanted a natural birth without an induction or c-section. However, this was not what God had in store for her. For the safety of her baby, she was both induced and had a c-section, but she still had an incredible experience and remains grateful for her care. Maile gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Maile feared being induced and getting a c-section, but says, “Somehow my experience was good, which I think says a lot. I have had two traumatic life experiences at Castle yet both times have been lovely … I love Castle.”

The Thompson family is incredibly grateful to Castle for the quality care that has kept them together as a family. Dave got to meet his granddaughter and Maile says, “He is obsessed with her and that is thanks to Castle times two.”

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